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Project title Rural Renewable Energy Development and Ecological Agriculture
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Country China, Mainland 
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Project summary The Project is aimed to increase rural incomes and improve environmental conditions in rural areas.
Purpose Project targets may include
(i) reduced environmental pollution from over 429 livestock farms and other agriculture production mills, contributing to savings of fossil fuels and forests; and
(ii) increased farm income from eco-farming and CDM sales.
Possible targets at the output level may include:
(i) implementation of over 429 medium/large biogas plants and improved technology demonstration;
(ii) cost-effective energy systems for using biogas (of 261.64 million cubic meters) for cooking, heat, and electricity production (219.31 million kilowatt-hour);
(iii) production of 352,210 tons of ecological agriculture products, including vegetablses, fruits, grass for animal feeding, trees, etc.; and
(v) production of 3.593 million tons of solid organic fertilizer and 79.018 million tons of lquid fertilizer.

The Project is aimed to increase rural incomes and improve environmental conditions in rural areas. The purpose of the Project is to produce clean renewable energy and promote organic farming and integrated pest maangement through the establishment of integrated biogas systems and ecological farming networks.

The Project will develop a systmatic arrangement for development of medium-sized biogas plants in livestock and mixed agriculture farms, along with establishment of related eco-farming systems, technical support services, and CDM bundling arrangements.

The main components of the Project are as follows:
(i) Implementation of integrated biogas system: over 429 medium/large biogas plants will be built. the biogas will be used for cooking and light by village farmers and/or generating electricity for use by farms or supply to the grid.

(ii) Effective establishment and utilization of eco-farming system: an ecological farming system will be established and integrated with biogas technologies by utilizing the digestion liquid and solid as organic fertilizers and alternative pesticides.
Site-specific conditions will be carefully considered or the selection of the biogas systems and utilizations of the digestion fluid and solid.
Eco-agricultural production for grains, fruits, vegetables, trees, grasss, etc.
will be introduced by effectively using digestion liquid and solid.
Mechanisms will be introduced for the sale of liquid and solid wastes in processed form to other farmers for their eco-farm use.

(iii Development of agricultural and rural biogas technical support service system: a reference technical system for medium/large biogas plants will be developed, including methods to ensure planning with accurate input data, a careful feasibiilty study, engineering design, construction and installation, operation and maintenance, service, and further improvement of the plant.
This will serve as a common technical basis for the system selection -- for quality control of the installed systems -- to ensure that the designer/builder constructs systems that are compatible with farm operation, and to enable appropriate development of maintenance and upgrades.

(iv) Application of CDM to the medium/large scale biogas plant construction: CDM is an international mechanism for promoting environmental and renewable energy projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It enables the emissions savings to be sold to firms in other countries for a regular income stream to farmers. A sustainable and cost-effective approach will be developed for the integration of CDM with livestock biogas plants.
A guideline for the implementation of the CDM project will be developed, including the institutional arrangement, financial plan, technical support and monitoring system, and promotion and marketing of carbon revenues.
"Bundling" 15 livestock farms as a sellable contract is now benig piloted, and this mechanism can be extended to the proposed Project

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